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About ipostparcels
from Wikipedia

ipostparcels is a British parcel delivery company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. ipostparcels operates services in the UK including the Isle of Man from its head office in Birmingham in the West Midlands although other operational offices and depots exist throughout the UK. The company offers a parcel delivery service throughout the United Kingdom and is part of the UK Mail Group, the largest independent parcels, mail and logistics services company within the UK.[1]

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2 International delivery
3 Parcel Pete
3.1 eBay integration
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The subsidiary was introduced in September 2011 [2] to enter the consumer delivery market. The aim was to provide customers with a more convenient, easy ordering and delivery process without the need for contracts or minimum order amounts. It delivered its first parcel on 5 September 2011 and utilises the existing UK Mail distribution network. The service also offers customer the choice to have parcels collected from their home for delivery.

International delivery[edit]
In July 2013 the company began International parcel delivery to all major locations.[3] The launch was successful and now the company can deliver to over 160 worldwide locations [4]

Parcel Pete[edit]
Parcel Pete is the companies brand ambassador and can be seen on their vans and websites. The creation of Parcel Pete under the IPostParcels brand reflects UK Mails aim of moving away from the corporate services and focusing on the B2C segment of the parcel market.[5]

eBay integration[edit]
Ipostparcels eBay service enables customers to sync their Ipostparcels account with their existing eBay account, allowing them to instantly fill the “quick quote” form on their website with any items that have been sold.[6]